Precision Laser Templating Machines

measuring-kitchenMeasurements are done manually by our experienced installers or templated using precision laser measuring device where required.

twin-bed Bridge SawWe have 2 Bridge saws, one of which is a CNC 5-AXIS -Double Bed Saw which is extremely accurate, fast and can cut any shape, Mitred edges, curves, and can also rout and shape cut-outs and holes of any size. Especially intended for multi-family projects where high through-put is required the twin bed allows us to cut up-to 20+ kitchens a day.

Flying_FlatApart from having a fast, in-line polishing machine for hi-volume production, our skilled polishers having over 60 years of combined experience and provide excellent finishes to the product.

Our friendly and efficient install team is equipped with the right tools to complete your job and as per plan.