Our Process


It is quite often that ASHTECH is involved with our clients even in the design phase of a project. We follow the standard tender processes with all our clients. During this process we sometimes provide feedback to our clients to help them understand cost implications of specified materials and offer alternate solutions beneficial to the client where required.

Our quotes are intended to provide the best value to our clients. We have many repeat project customers due to our services including timely delivery, quality product and install, customer focused interactions and almost negligible deficiencies. Our warranty services are unmatched as we support our customers’ customers during their settling in period in their new homes.


ASHTECH would love to work with you and help you throughout the process of acquiring your new countertops.

It would be helpful to the discussion if you sent or brought along photos or drawings of the countertop areas required and any desired color schemes that you have been working with. This will help immediately to estimate the type and how much material is required.

ASHTECH could meet or discuss over phone as to the best process that would suit you for ordering your countertops with us. Having helped many clients with their decision-making process on countertops, we can guide you with selecting the most appropriate materials and colors for your particular need.

ASHTECH can help with your design by suggesting ideas from our experiences.

As a fabricator, ASHTECH does not stock any material, and depending on your situation at that time, if you haven’t decided what colors to choose, we will send you to one or more stone slab supplier websites and/or warehouses, to view the stone possibilities for your project and help you understand the pros and cons of your decision.

Once you have made your material decision, we will then provide you with a free quote for the complete process of fabrication supply and install. Our quote includes our excellent industry standard warranty along with payment terms. See our “Terms & Conditions

Along with your approval of the quote by way of your consent signature we will also require a 50% deposit for us to arrange for the desired stone slabs immediately. We will then setup a possible date for the install with you and will stay in communication to meet this date and time.

On completion of the install, we require that you do a walk-thru with us and provide a sign-off and final payment.

We would be much obliged if you could then share your experience using us -by way of providing us with your valuable brief testimonial, as well as, to allow us to have a picture of the completed product for our records.

We await your decision to contact us!